Nielsen Kellerman

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Chronograph: 00:00.00 to 59:59.99 with auto roll-­‐over, 1/100th sec. resolution.

Stroke Rate: Rate input from seat sensor, autostart with first stroke, 10-127.5 SPM range, 1/2 SPM resolution.

Stroke Count: Rate input from seat sensor, autostart with first stroke, 0 to 999 with auto roll-over, 1 stroke resolution.

Memory: Stroke rate automatically stored every 10 seconds, up to 42 minutes and 40 seconds stroke rate, count and time can be manually stored at the press of a button.

Display: High-contrast monochrome LCD.

Backlight: Blue/green electroluminescent backlight, auto-on.

Case: Injection-molded polymer case, acrylic lens, injection-molded elastomeric bumper.

Controls: Knob (on/off/volume), 3 buttons with tactile response (start/stop/split/memory).

Battery: Three cell lithium polymer rechargeable with on-board fuel gauging. Full battery specs can be found here under the "Specifications" tab.

Charging: 930 mAh, 10.3 Wh. Performance capacity varies greatly with volume and quantity of speech as well as number of speakers. 3 hours expected in Cox Box with 3/4 volume, talking 50% of the time, using 3 speakers. As much as 10 hours with more intermittent use, such as with Blue Ocean Megaphone.

Life Expectancy: 3 hours at typical use (3/4 of full volume, talking 50% of the time, using 3 speakers).

Temperature: Charging: 32 to 113°F | 0 to 45°C; Operating & Storage: -4 to 113°F | -20 to 45°C.

Size: 4 in x 4.5 in (tall x diameter) (101.6 x 114.3 mm).

System Weight: 20 oz (567.09 g) for control unit, battery pack, bumpers; 4oz (113.4 g) for battery pack; 2lbs (907.2 g) for complete system for 8+ with 3 speakers.

Water Resistance: Waterproof (IP67, NEMA-6).

Buoyancy: Control unit with battery pack installed and microphone attached floats. Control unit alone floats. Battery pack does not float.

Warranty: Two-year warranty on entire system. Extended Customer Trade-in warranty for unit only. Videolu Tanıtım Çok Yakında

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  • Ürün Özellikleri

    Ağırlık : 567.09 gram

    Uzunluk : 101.6 x 114.3 mm