Tekne Özellikleri

Filippi tekneler tarafımızdan İtalyadan ithal edilmektedir. Yaklaşık 60-90 gün içerisinde Atatürk Havalimanına varmaktadır. Farklı çeşitlerde dirsekleri mevcuttur. Seçeceğiniz dirseğe göre fiyat değişmektedir. The Italia S is the name given to our competition class shells. Constructed with state-of-the-art materials like carbon fibre, Kevlar and honeycomb, they guarantee top resistance and performance. All materials used in our Singles provide exception stiffness. This - combined with the application of hydrodynamic research data and computational fluid dynamic (CFD) technology - ensures that we at Filippi remain ahead of the curve on the international scene.

  • Teknenin üzerinde mevcut olan aparatlar

    • Filippi Oturak
    • Nike ayakkabı / Adidas Ayakkabı
    • Dirsek(Seçime göre fiyat değişmektedir)
    • Salma
    • Ayaklık
    • Ay



    Tekne Modelleri

    F1 - Length 8.1 m - Width 28.2 cm - Athlete 85/95 kg – Boat weight 13.8/14.1 kg

    FISA-compliant shell for senior rowers, the first of our large family. Still among our top performing shells for peak speeds, fluidity and stability. Suitable for experienced rowers.


    F7 - Length 7.96 m - Width 27.9 cm – Athlete 70/85 kg – Boat weight 13/14.1 kg

    Top performance Single scull offering both comfort and speed. Shorter than the F1 and so suitable for intermediate scullers weighing 70-80Kg. Best competition results of the year: 5th place for China’s 1xw in Munich.


    F14 - Length 8.33 m - Width 28.1 cm – Athlete 85/100 kg – Boat weight 14/14.1 kg

    Comfortable Single with wider seat suitable for strong rowers. As pitching is less likely, the F14 has a flatter speed curve.


    F15 - Length 7.77 m - Length 26 cm - Athlete 65/75 kg – Boat Weight 13.8/14.1 kg

    Suitable for all lightweight rowers. Requiring careful handling yet yielding top performance, the F15 is ideal to improve an athlete’s skill. Best competition results of the year: 1x lw USA (Silver medal), 1x lm Italy (Silver medal) in Munich


    F21 - Length 8.33 m - Length 29 cm - Athlete 95/105 kg – Boat weight 14/14.1 kg

    Delivering top speed and stability, this Single is for senior athletes, weighing 90 kg and up. Best competition results of the year: 1xm Lithuania, Silver medal at the World Under 23, Strathclyde.


    F22 - Length 8 m - Width 27.3 cm – Athlete 75/85 kg – Boat weight 13/14.1 kg

    Ideal for athletes with smooth rowing technique. Designed for an optimum weight of 85Kg, it can also accommodate a weight-range of 75-85 kg.


    F39 - Length 8.44 m - Width 29.5 cm – Athlete 95/110 kg – Boat Weight 14/14.1 kg

    Suitable for the strong athlete whose powerful finish phase would otherwise create excessive pitching. Designed for rowers of 100Kg. Best competition results of the year: 1xm Czech Republic (Silver medal), 1xm Great Britain (4th place).


    F72 - Length 7.20 m - Length 27.5 cm - Athlete 50/60 kg – Boat weight 13/14.1 kg

    Designed for lightweight athletes.


    F44 - Length 7.40 m - Width 26 cm - Athletes 50/60 kg – Boat weight 13/14.1 kg

    The new Single for lightweight women (range 50 – 60 kg) will be coming out very shortly. We have called it the F44. Measuring 7.40 m, it meets the needs of this increasingly important rower bracket.


    F45 - Length 7.86 m - Width 27.5 cm – Athlete 70/85 kg – Boat weight 13/14.1 kg

    A Single created for women weighing 70-85 kg.


    F47 - Length 8.33 m – Width 29 cm – Athlete 90/100 kg – Boat weight 14/14.1 kg


    F50 - Length 8.04 m – Width 27 cm – Athlete 65/85 kg – Boat weight 14 kg